Friday, October 30, 2009

I really hate being in this situation!!

Once again we are completely broke and no way of buying food.David's whole paycheck went for Nov.'s rent.So,we have to wait til next week,friday to get food in the house..I really hate living like this,being broke all the time and not having money for food or whatever the kids need,but it's ok for him to buy his beer..I can't stand to be with him anymore,can't stand to look at him,really can't stand to be in the same bed as him.Wish I could just pick up and leave instead of waiting for the day I have planned to leave,it's not coming soon fast enough..


  1. i know how difficult it is to say goodbye and mean it to someone you love or have loved. i truly love my ex-fiance but the time came when i had to tell her to leave. i thought at that time i had enough info to support my belief that my life would be better without her, but then when she left i found out so much more that she had done and is still doing.
    the only thing i can offer is be strong regardless of what gets in your way. keep the kids you mentioned at the front of your thoughts. what kind of environment is best for you? what kind of environment is best for them?
    best wishes for you cami