Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wonderful news!!

For you to understand what I'm talking about,I will start this off as a short story to where it's at now..When I was 4 months pregnant with my oldest child,Caitlin,I met a guy his name is Larry.We ended up moving to St.George and I had Caitlin there.Now mind you I had no intentions of marrying this guy,but my mom being old fashion had having a kid out of wedlock she kept asking me if  I was gonna get married to him and I kept telling her now,well Caitlin was born June 22,1998 and on November 25,1998 we got married.Well one night by this time Caitlin is 1 1/2 yrs. old, my mom asks me what is wrong and I told her that I wasn't happy and that I didn't want to be married to Larry.She was upset not at me but at what she did.Well she payed for my plane ticket back to Ohio and I left Larry without telling him where I was.Now I'm gonna fast forward it to today.Caitlin has no memory of Larry,she just recently found out who her real (bio) father is,and who her step-dad is (Larry).Well last night she gets on her FaceBook account and she comes in the kitchen and tell me there is a message and a friend request from a Lawerance Alvelo and she doesn't know who he is,as soon as she told me that my heart dropped...I stopped what I was doing and go read what he had said,well i emailed him back saying who is this,he replyed saying this is the guy that was married to your mom,as soon as I read that I didn't know what to do.Now mind you Next week on the 25th would have been my 11 yr Anniversary,which is what I thought considering I never filed for divorce due to I couldn't affored it,so for 10 1/2 years i thought I was still married to him..Anyways,I emailed him back and asked him just one question if we were still married cause in his reply he said he was the guy that WAS married to me,so the only thing I wanted to know was were we still married?Well I got on Caitlin's account this morning and he replied that he paid for an attorney when he was in Florida and got the divorce,after reading that,that made my day and a weight lifted off my shoulders.I'm so happy to know that I'm no longer married to him,and I can get on with my life knowing I don't have to worry about this anymore..:)

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