Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy and can't wait to leave for St.George,Utah!!!

Ok,this is gonna blow your mind considering what I said in my last blog,probably cause at the time I didn't want to admit it to myself.Larry was (is) my second first love,I am still in love with him and I have never stopped loving him.After all these years,my love for him has never changed.When he first sent that email to Caitlin,my daughter,at the time I didn't know what to think,I guess the mother instinct came out first cause here was someone a grown man sending a message to my 11yr. old daughter.Well after I got a message back from him saying who he was and everything,my heart dropped,that I couldn't believe he was still looking for me,by this time I was happy that he was still looking for me..So I gave him my number and he called and we talked,for about 3 hrs.He told me that he realized what has been missing in his life and that there was an empty hole in his heart that needed to be filled and that he knew what it was.Well the more we talked the more I realized how much he has changed, for the better.He did tell me that when he paid an attorney for our divorce that he never stayed around to sign anything,so since he didn't sign anything that means we are still married,I'm guessing,I think..If we are still married than tomorrow Nov.25,2009 will be our 11 yr. anniversary..Wow,can't believe it's been 11 yrs.Larry and I are getting back together and we will be moving to Utah..Oh forgot to mention that after I left him,he got baptised in the morman church,which really shocked me when he told me that,but I guess in a way it was good for me to leave him when I did,cause if I didn't he would have never found himself and he would have never gotten baptised.So,Hope I know your reading this and I want to say THANKS!!! We may have never been good friends in high school,but I can now call you a friend til the end...Thanks for listening to me or reading what I had to say.. :) I can truely say that I am happy now and excited.I never thought or imagined that I would be happy again...

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  1. That's great!!! This blog is so much better than the last one. I am so happy for you!!! Keep your head up, it's not going to be that easy, so just keep your goals in mind!!!!